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Moon Sports

Moon Sports is a dynamic, young & innovative project of Omoono Corporation with roots back in 2012, the brand was launched as a result of a market study conducted by a Group of University students who joined the Corporation for a Corporate internship.

The Starting

The study invoked drawbacks of modern Leather clothing brands to us, Many large-scale & well-known brands in Leather wear industry were not able to deliver & maintain High Quality on Very high prices. Hence we concluded to launch our own brand with aim to produce & deliver Quality Leather wear under strict supervision from preparation of Raw material especially Leather to final product inspection while maintaining persistent quality & low prices. A well-qualified team including experienced craftsman, Creative fashion designers & marketing Professionals was assigned the task. Customer satisfaction has always been our key priority due to which we started to receive positive feedback of customers in a very short time & finally fruitful results started coming in shape of reordering & numbers growth in terms of quantity & invoicing figures.

Our main product line had been Motorcycle Leather wear initially but due to high demand of clients we added Textile wear & later Fashion wear into our range which continued expanding & is a major part of our product range today. We produced Trachten Lederhosen on a special demand, later on the designs & quality were so appreciated that we’d to add it to our product range.
Currently, we’re continuously growing by adding more & more products to our range as the demand keeps on growing. In the meantime it doesn’t mean that we’re continuously throwing up products into our range. Adding a new product & most importantly a category of products require vast investment into new machinery, experienced craftsman, industry experts & especially product designers. Slowly but steadily we’re up keeping to the demands while maintaining the original quality we’re well known for.
Each & every product we make is handcrafted to perfection & has its own unique identity as of our each unique client.

Our Success is a trilinear factor consisting of High Quality products, Our low prices & Customer satisfaction as the main crucial element.

— Moon Hassan (CEO)
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